Research & Business

Postgraduate, Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Development (PRICED)

The department was created to support research and consultancy services and to create a reservoir of publications emanating from such activities. These activities are anchored under The Postgraduate, Research, Innovation, Consultancy and Enterprise Development (PRICED) Centre. The Centre fosters research and consultancy and creates opportunities for research networking as well as encouraging Masters, PhD students and post-doctoral candidates to engage in research and publishing research findings under UNILUS umbrella. The centre's major activities are in line with the university's mission to fulfil the ever growing demand for employable human capital in various sectors of the economy through continuous interaction with employers. The centre provides a framework for publications, applied research, consultancy and customised training.

Applied Research: The center provides a framework for the undertaking of research by; academic members of staff, students and collaborators. Through provision of training on proposal writing, testing new approaches, seeking sources of potential funding, and providing research assistance. The University works hand-in-hand with its staff and collaborators to facilitate the discovery, transmission and preservation and improvement of knowledge to enhance the economic and social development. In addition, a platform is created for networking with peers in Zambia and other countries through local, regional and international collaboration with organizations and individuals of common interest.

Publication: This centre provides a framework for the publication and dissemination of research outputs by academic staff and students, and collaborators. The University has created an enabling environment that encourages academic staff, students and their collaborators to devote more time and effort to research, and to publish and disseminate the research outputs under the University umbrella.

Consultancy: Through the centre, the University is striving to build its professional reputation and to enable staff to be more fully engaged in finding solutions to societal problems through conducting consultancies in their area of expertise. Through such support, the University is able to achieve part of its objectives which is to advance professional expertise.

Customised Training: The purpose of the centre is to offer tailored or need based short term trainings programs and preparing training and activity manuals for organizations, individuals and private companies to enhance the capacity of government and non-governmental organizations, private sector, community based organizations, individuals, and others which are involved in the provision of services.

Client: Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education

Consultancy Undertaken: Upgrading Secondary schools from diploma to degree in commercial subjects

Client: Ministry of Finance & National Planning (Zambia Institute of Purchasing and Supply)

Consultancy Undertaken: Developing curriculum, syllabus 16 modules and revision kits.

Client: SABOT Zambia Ltd

Consultancy Undertaken: Developing curriculum, training materials and carrying out the training in Business Development.

Client: Transparency International Zambia (TIZ)

Consultancy Undertaken: Training of staff in accounting for non- finance specialist.

Client: Standard Chartered Bank

Consultancy Undertaken: Training of staff in Banking Law and Practice

Client: Cavmont Bank

Consultancy Undertaken: Training of staff in anti-money laundering, Banking Law and Practice