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    Master Of Public Health


    Part-Time: (Evening Programme) Eighteen (18) months to 24 months
    Distance Learning: Eighteen (18) months to 24 months.

    Entry requirements

    1. A Bachelors Degree from any recognised University in the field of Biological Science, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine/ Science and any other related field of study.
    2.  Graduates in health related field of study such as: Management/Administration, sociology, psychology, philosophy, statistics, Demography and public health may apply provided they are graduates from a recognised University.
    3. The minimum requirement is a first degree with at least a Credit.
    4. Candidates wishing to pursue any specific course(s) under this programme may be considered, and will be awarded a certificate in that particular course upon successful completion. Such students shall not be eligible for the award of MPH. In general, rules and regulations prescribed by the school of Graduate Studies at UNILUS shall apply.

    Course Structure

    Stage 1
    1. MPH511 Global and Population Health Metrics
    2. MPH521 Applied Biostatistics
    3. MPH531 Epidemiology
    4. MPH541 Health Promotion and Behavioural Sciences
    5. MPH551 Health Policy and Systems Development
    6. MPH561 Public Health Research
    Stage 2
    1. GBS550 Management Theory and Practice
    2. MPH612 Public Health Informatics and Communication
    3. MPH632 Applied Management for Public Health
    4. MPH642 Evaluations in Healthcare
    Stage 3
    1. GBS750 Strategic Management
    2. MPH743 Budget Performance Management
    3. MPH753 Health System Management (National, District or Local)
    4. MPH763 Health Care Entrepreneurship (Plan)
    1. MPH723 Health Management of Information Systems
    2. MPH733 Environmental Health Impact Management
    3. MPH773 Internship
    Stage 4
    1. MPH810 Thesis