School of Postgraduate Studies

Masters Programmes

PostGraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Lecturing/Teaching Methodology for Lecturers
  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  • Supervision and Examination of Students Research Projects
  • PHD/Doctoral Programmes

    Master of Arts in Human Resource Management


    Part-Time: (Evening Programme) Eighteen (18) months to 24 months
    Distance Learning: Eighteen (18) months to 24 months.

    Entry requirements

    As a general rule, applicants for Masters Programmes must hold a good first Degree in the relevant field of their desired studies or acceptable professional qualifications such as ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, ACA, inter alia. However, a tentative separate system of entry requirements may be devised, in the discretion of the Senate, should an exceptionally deserving case of application arise.

    Course Structure

    Stage 1
    1. GBS520 Financial and Management Accounting
    2. GBS521 Industrial Sociology
    3. GBS550 Management Theory and Practice
    4. GBS551 Organisation and Job Design
    Stage 2
    1. GBS610 Labour Economics and Markets
    2. GBS620 Human Resource Planning
    3. GBS650 Performance and Reward Management
    4. MBAE720 Educational Leadership and Corporate Governance
    Stage 3
    1. GBS700 Research Methods
    2. GBS750 Strategic Management
    3. GBS782 Employment and Labour Relation Laws
    ELECTIVES (Select two):
    1. GBS783 Trade Unionism
    2. GBS784 Organisational Change
    3. GBS785 Human Resources Research and Consultancy Skill
    4. GBS786 Training and Development
    5. GBS787 Human Resource Policies and Practice
    6. GBS790 Comparative Employment Relations
    Stage 4
    1. GBS800 Dissertation