School of Postgraduate Studies

Masters Programmes

PostGraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Lecturing/Teaching Methodology for Lecturers
  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  • Supervision and Examination of Students Research Projects
  • PHD/Doctoral Programmes

    Master of Science in Accounting & Finance


    Part-Time: (Evening Programme) Eighteen (18) months to 24 months
    Distance Learning: Eighteen (18) months to 24 months.

    Entry requirements

    As a general rule, applicants for Masters Programmes must hold a good first Degree in the relevant field of their desired studies or acceptable professional qualifications such as ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, ACA, inter alia. However, a tentative separate system of entry requirements may be devised, in the discretion of the Senate, should an exceptionally deserving case of application arise.

    Course Structure

    Stage 1
    1. ECF520 Financial Risk Management
    2. GBS541 Quantitative Methods
    3. GBS550 Management Theory and Practice
    4. GBS789 Management of Information Systems
    5. MAI500 Financial Reporting, Regulations and Analysis
    Stage 2
    1. GBS621 Corporate Finance
    2. GFS640 Financial Institutions, Markets and Money
    3. MAF600 Advanced Management Accounting
    4. MBF740 Treasury and Fund Management
    Stage 3
    1. GBS700 Research Methods
    2. GBS750 Strategic Management
    3. GBS751 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
    4. GFS720 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
    5. MBF620 International Financial Management
    ELECTIVES (Select one):
    1. MAF740 International Accounting Standards
    2. MAF750 Financial Management
    3. MBF760 Pensions and Insurance Financial Management
    Stage 4
    1. GBS800 Dissertation