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    Executive MBA in Leadership & Wealth Creation


    Distance Learning: Twelve (12) months.

    Entry requirements

    1. At least five (5) years working experience or exposure to management in different setups be civil or otherwise.
    2. A statement of purpose outlining the Learners academic and application goals while pursuing the programme. This should be submitted as a part of the application document for admission.
    3. Employment verification letter verifying present employment or leadership status.
    4. Minimum full Secondary School Certificate with tertiary training.

    Course Structure

    Term 1
    1. EXMBA501 : Culture, Politics And Patriotism In Wealth Creation.
    2. EXMBA502 : Natural Resource Management And Wealth Creation
    3. EXMBA503 : Financing
    4. EXMBA504 : Sustainable Development and Value Creation
    Term 2
    1. EXMBA601 : Entrepreneur Development And Enterprise Ownership
    2. EXMBA602 : Technology and Wealth Creation
    3. EXMBA603 : Creativity and Wealth Creation
    4. EXMBA604 : Leadership, Governance and Organisation Management
    Term 3
    1. EXMBA701 : Introduction to Economics
    Term 4
    1. EXMBA800 : Dessertation(Business Plan)
    2. EXMBA801 : Strategic Management EXMBA