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  • Lecturing/Teaching Methodology for Lecturers
  • Quality Assurance in Higher Education
  • Supervision and Examination of Students Research Projects
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    Doctor of Business Administration

    The first stage contains coursework that includes the study of core disciplines from which management research draws to provide students with a variety of theoretical backgrounds and help them develop their research interests. During this stage, students will also take methodological courses to build up their quantitative and analytical skills, including a full range of methodologies: field research, case studies, simulations and experimental research.

    In the second stage of the DBA programme, students are expected to work in their Dissertation with an exhaustive supervision of the Advisor. Detailed guidelines regarding this process are provided by the UNILUS Postgraduate Handbook. The DBA calendar also provides specific dates for each of these components.


      Year Semester Courses
      1 One 1. Introduction to Research Methods at Doctoral Level
    2. Qualitative and Quantitative Methods at Doctoral Level
          Oral Defense of Proposal (viva voce)
      1 Two 1. Finance, Accounting and Information Management Systems
    2. Human Resource Management, Leadership and Corporate Governance
      2 Three 1. Strategic Management and Marketing
    2. Economics, Entrepreneurship and Project Management
      2 Four Commencement of Dissertation Work: Quarterly progress reports will be sent by the Advisor to the Directorate of Postgraduate Studies
      3 Five Dissertation writing phase
      3 Six Dissertation submission and defence