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Bachelor of Science in Politics and Internation Relations (BPIR)

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The course of study of the Bachelor of Science in Politics and Internation Relations degree shall be completed in a period of:
(i) Four (4) years for Full-Time ,Part-Time and Long Distance Students.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirement: Five (5) “O” level credits or better which must include English Language and Mathematics.

Course Structure

First Year
First Semester
  1. BPIR100 Introduction to Political Science
  2. BPIR120 Introduction to Philosophy
  3. ECF100 Principles of Economics
  4. HRM130 Introduction to Sociology
Second Semester
  1. AFIN321 Public Sector Accounting
  2. BBA240 Quantitative Methods
  3. BPIR160 Comparative Political Systems
  4. L130 Constitutional Law
Second Year
First Semester
  1. BPIR200 History and Politics of Zambia
  2. BPIR210 Government and Politics in Africa
  3. BPIR220 International Relations: Theory and Practice
  4. BPIR230 Governance and Democratisation
Second Semester
  1. BBA230 Computer Appreciation and Information Management
  2. BBA260 Research Methods in Business and Social Science
  3. BPIR240 Diplomacy and Foreign Policy
  4. ECF110 Introduction to Macroeconomics
Third Year
First Semester
  1. BPA200 Public Management and Administration
  2. BPA330 Local Government Administration and Decentralization
  3. ECF410 Public Finance and Taxation
  4. HRM460 Leadership Theory and Practise
Second Semester
  1. BBA360 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. BPA340 Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
  3. BPIR360 Media and Politics
  4. L220 Human Rights Law
Fourth Year
First Semester
  1. BPIR420 International Peace, Security and Conflict Resolution
  2. D400 Dissertation
  3. ECF420 International Finance
  4. L330 International Law
Second Semester
  1. BPIR440 International Organizations
  2. BPIR450 Comparative Foreign Policy
  3. D400 Dissertation
Electives (Choose Two(2))
  • BDS412 Aid, Foreign Investment and Development