The School of Education, Social Sciences and Technology

Bachelor of Science (English) with Education

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The course of study of the Bachelor of Science (English with Education) degree shall be completed in a period of:
(i) Four (4) years for Full-Time ,Part-Time and Long Distance Students.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirement: Five (5) “O” level credits or better which must include English Language and Mathematics.

Course Structure

First Year
First Semester
  1. CIT111 Introduction to Computer and Informtion Technology (I)
  2. ENG111 Introduction to English Language
  3. ENG112 Cultural, Linguistic and Educational Backgrounds
  4. ENG113 Library Skills
Second Semester
  1. CIT121 Introduction to Computer and Information Technology (II)
  2. ED101 Growth and Development of Education in Zambia
  3. ENG121 Professional Communication Skills
  4. ENG123 Word Formation, Meaning and Use
Second Year
First Semester
  1. EDA210 Learning and Learning Theories
  2. EDD211 History and Development of Education
  3. ENG211 Grammar
  4. ENG212 Phonology
  5. PHI211 Philisophy of Education
Second Semester
  1. ED210 Educational and Occupational Guidance and Counselling
  2. EDENG221 English Teaching Methods (I)
  3. EDP311 Educational Psychology
  4. ENG221 Speaking and Listening
  5. ENG222 Writing
  6. VTA221 Visual Teaching Aids
Third Year
First Semester
  1. EDENG321 English Teaching Methods (II)
  2. EDP325 Teaching Practice
  3. ENG311 Summaries
  4. ENG322 Editing and Proof Reading
Second Semester
  1. EDA319 Measurement, Testing and Evaluation
  2. EDD323 Education and Development
  3. EDS221 Sociology of Education
  4. ENG321 Essay Writing and Research
  5. ENG322 Mechanics
Fourth Year
First Semester
  1. EDA411 Adminstration of Educational Institutions
  2. ENG411 Peer Reviewing and Publishing
  3. ENG423 Entreprenuership and Wealth Creation
  4. MPR400 Project
Second Semester
  1. EDD423 Curriculum Studies
  2. ENG421 Critical Thinking
  3. ENG422 Multiligualism and the Role of First Language
  4. MPR400 Project