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Bachelor of Science in Civic Education

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The course of study of the Bachelor of Science in Civic Education degree shall be completed in a period of:
(i) Four (4) years for Full-Time ,Part-Time and Long Distance Students.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirement: Five (5) “O” level credits or better which must include English Language and Mathematics.

Course Structure

First Year
First Semester
  1. BBA141 Communication Skills
  2. CIT111 Introduction to Computer and Information Technology (I)
  3. CIV111 Introduction to Civic Education
  4. ED101 Growth and Development of Education in Zambia
  5. ENG111 Introduction to English Language
Second Semester
  1. BDS111 Introduction to Development Studies
  2. BPIR100 Introduction to Political Science
  3. CIT121 Intoduction to Computer and Information Technology (II)
  4. CIV121 Education Policy in Zambia
  5. ED111 Introduction to Education Administration
Second Year
First Semester
  1. CIV211 Human Rights and Constitutionalism
  2. CIV212 Legal Frameworks in Education
  3. CIV214 History of Politics in Zambia
  4. ED160 Educational Psychology
  5. EDA210 Learning and Learning Theories
Second Semester
  1. BPIR230 Governance and Democratisation
  2. CIV221 Sociology of Education
  3. CIV222 Political Economy of Education
  4. EDCIV211 Civic Education Teaching Methods (I)
Third Year
First Semester
  1. BDS221 Gender and Development
  2. BDS223 Poverty and Development
  3. BPA330 Local Government Administration and Decentralisation
  4. EDA319 Measurement, Testing and Evaluation
  5. EDCIV321 Advanced Civic Education Teaching Methods
Second Semester
  1. CIV322 Research Methods in Civic Education
  2. CIV323 Public Policy
  3. CIV324 Environment and Development
  4. EDA319 Measurement, Testing and Evaluation
  5. EDP325 Teaching Practice
Fourth Year
First Semester
  1. CIV411 Peace and Conflict Studies
  2. CIV412 Civics, Entreprenuership and Wealth Creation
  3. EDA411 Administration of Educational Institutions
  4. MPR400 Project
Second Semester
  1. BPIR440 International Organisations
  2. CIV411 Emerging Issues in Civics
  3. EDD423 Curriculum Studies
  4. MPR400 Project