The School of Education, Social Sciences and Technology

Bachelor of Art in Development Studies (BDS)

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The course of study of the Bachelor of Art in Development Studies degree shall be completed in a period of:
(i) Four (4) years for Full-Time ,Part-Time and Long Distance Students.

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirement: Five (5) “O” level credits or better which must include English Language and Mathematics.

Course Structure

First Year
First Semester
  1. BDS111 Introduction to Development
  2. BDS114 Development Communication
  3. BPA110 Introduction to Public Administration
  4. HRM130 Introduction to Sociology
Second Semester
  1. BDS121 Current Issues in Development
  2. BDS122 Participatory Development
  3. BDS124 Agriculture and Rural Development
  4. BPIR100 Introduction to Political Science
Second Year
First Semester
  1. BBA360 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  2. BDS211 Gender and Development
  3. BDS213 Nutrition and Food Security
  4. BDS214 Sustainable Development
  5. BPIR230 Governance and Democratisation
Second Semester
  1. BDS221 Development Policy
  2. BDS223 Poverty and Development
  3. BDS224 Conflict Management and Development
  4. BPA330 Local Government Administration and Decentralization
Third Year
First Semester
  1. BBA490 Project and Contract Management
  2. BDS311 Local Development Strategies
  3. BDS312 Disaster Management and Development
  4. BDS313 CSO and Development Governance
  5. BDS314 Urban and Regional Planning
Second Semester
  1. BBA260 Research Methods in Business and Social Science
  2. BDS321 Globalisation and Development
  3. BDS324 Natural Resource Management and Development
  4. HRM100 Management Theory and Practice
Fourth Year
First Semester
  1. BDS411 Population and Development
  2. BDS412 Aid, Foreign Investment and Development
  3. BDS413 Technology and Development
  4. BDS414 Development Planning
  5. D400 Dissertation
Second Semester
  1. BPA450 Monitoring and Evaluation
  2. BSPH413 Health Systems Development and Management
  3. D400 Dissertation
Electives (Choose Two(2))